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 Valve, Bethesda and Arkane devs added to Quakecon 2012 line-up

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PostSubject: Valve, Bethesda and Arkane devs added to Quakecon 2012 line-up   Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:19 am

Studio representatives from some of the biggest games studios are heading to Quakecon 2012, the event's organiser has announced.

Valve Software will send out Michael Abrash, Chet Faliszek and Tom Leonard to take part in four separate panel discussions, while Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard will also be on hand to share his views.

Arkane will send out Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith, adding to a line-up of studios including Insomniac Games, Telltale Games and Doublefine.

Id Software co-founder John Carmack is set to keynote as the event commences on Thursday, August 2nd.

Look below for the full schedule of presentations and panels.

The Game of Making Games

Jens Matthies, MachineGames
Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios
Ted Price, Insomniac Games
Todd Howard, Bethesda Game Studios

Capture the Fan: Making Multiplayer Games That Last

Chet Faliszek, Valve Software
Marty Stratton, id Software
Max Hoberman, Certain Affinity
Moderated by Kevin Kelly, Wizard World

Looking Back at Looking Glass

Emil Pagliarulo, Bethesda Game Studios
Tom Leonard, Valve Software
Talking Shop: Skyrim, Modding and Steam
Chet Faliszek, Valve Software
Joel Burgess, Bethesda Game Studios

Virtual Insanity

John Carmack, id Software
Michael Abrash, Valve Software
Palmer Luckey, ModRetro

GameTrailers' Bonus Round

Adam Sessler, Industry Veteran
Harvey Smith, Arkane Studios
Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities
Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios

Celebrating id Modding

Brendon Chung, Blendo Games
Robert Duffy, id Software
JP LeBreton, Double Fine

Idle Thumbs Podcast: Arena

Chris Remo, Double Fine
Jake Rodkin, Telltale Games
JP LeBreton, Double Fine
Nick Breckon, Bethesda Softworks
Steve Gaynor, The Fullbright Company

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Valve, Bethesda and Arkane devs added to Quakecon 2012 line-up
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