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 Crackdown 2 dev assisting Crytek Kinect game?

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PostSubject: Crackdown 2 dev assisting Crytek Kinect game?   Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:31 am

Dundee-based Crackdown 2 dev, Ruffian is seemingly assisting the development of Crytek Kinect brawler, Ryse.

Set in ancient Rome, Ryse is a brutal first-person combat game controlled by Kinect, first unveiled at E3 2011 with an intriguing concept trailer.

The elusive Kinect title's since gone in to hiding, with an E3 no-show this year put down to the game simply not being ready.

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli's since assured us Ryse is very much alive, and CVs uncovered by Superannuation would suggest so.

According to one Ruffian employee's CV, the Scottish studio is assisting work on an "Unannounced Kinect Title" for Microsoft and Crytek - almost certainly Ryse - featuring "multiplayer arenas."

Another CV mentions Ruffian's work on "a multiplayer map for a first person melee combat game based in the CryEngine" for 360.

It's the first time a multiplayer mode's been mentioned for the Kinect title, and the employee docs also suggest a wider shift for the Crackdown 2 dev into more of a support role.

According to employees, the studio was most recently one of the many teams credited on Star Wars Kinect, contributing to the game's Duel of Fates Mode. A Ruffian lead level designer's CV also mentions the recently-announced Nike+ Kinect Training, and now Ryse too.

Does this support work dampen our chances of seeing Crackdown 3 one day soon? We hope not.
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Crackdown 2 dev assisting Crytek Kinect game?
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