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 Amazing Spider-Man review round-up: With great power comes a decent game?

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PostSubject: Amazing Spider-Man review round-up: With great power comes a decent game?   Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:57 am

Reviews of Beenox's Amazing Spider-Man tie-in game have finally hit the (ahem) web.

A return to the open-world format of cherished PS2 classic Spider-Man 2 has meant expectations for the game are high.

While US critics (UK review code is yet to arrive) seem to agree that Amazing Spider-Man is the best Spidey game Beenox has produced in a long time, a lot of them also say it still leaves a lot to be desired.

We've collected up all the US reviews and put them in a list below. Expect a UK review (hopefully) in the near future.

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G4: 4/5 - Beenox's previous Spider-Man titles were pedestrian at best, but The Amazing Spider-Man is a stellar installment that gives me hope for future games. Because this is the game Spider-Man deserves, not the one he needs. Was that Batman? Whatever shut up it's my review.

Planet Xbox 360: 8.0 - The gameplay feels just about right, and there's plenty to do for hours at a time as you wait for the movie to open next week. Kudos to the presentation too, with excellent voice acting and wild visuals that will really make you feel the rush of being the web-slinger. It'll be interesting to see what Beenox does for an encore...and for next-gen no less.

EGM Now: 8.0 - The best Spider-Man adventure in years isn't quite what it should've been. Developer Beenox actually crams too much into the package, cluttering what could've been a landmark tale for Marvel's wall-crawler.

Destructoid: 7.0 - The Amazing Spider-Man will provide you with plenty of harmless fun for a good few hours. Since that's better than most Spider-Man games have done in the past few years, I'm happy with it. Happy, but certainly longing for more.

Team Xbox: 7 - Beenox has set a standard for Spider-Man games. Even though it has a few quirks, The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the best renditions of the superhero yet. One thing that could improve the experience is to make more villain side missions. Fighting thugs who don't really mean anything is great as a filler, but when Spider-Man has so many different villains a few cameos that don't pertain to the story line would be an excellent addition to an already amazing game. Despite its lack of a deep combo system, webs attaching themselves to nothing, and a slim rogues gallery within the game I think this is one of the best Spider-Man games out there.

GameInformer: 6.75 - Like one of Spider-Man's arch-villains, Amazing Spider-Man is deceptive. The game displays a lot of promise early on, but it devolves into mediocrity after you've invested a few hours learning its basic systems. I had fun beating some Spider-slayers into trash compactor cubes and watching Spider-Man dance over the heads of hordes of lizard-like foes, but only the most stalwart Spider-Man fans will appreciate Amazing Spider-Man considering all its faults.

GamesRadar: 3/5 - For the past few years we've been eagerly awaiting a Spider-Man game that offers something unique. Alas, with The Amazing Spider-Man, we get yet another game that's careful to not rock the boat. Nothing is broken or painful to play, and there's still an intrinsic fun to being a video game Spider-Man - but this is too much like what we've played before, only with less going for it than games like Web of Shadows or Ultimate Spider-Man. If you were dying for more action as Peter Parker this will do the trick, but a more fitting name for this game would be "The Acceptable Spider-Man."

IGN: 7 - The visuals aren't stunning, the story isn't crazy exciting, and the missions get repetitive. But The Amazing Spider-Man is fun to play. Webbing bad guys, finding comics and swinging through the streets of Manhattan entertain, and even though I had the story and most side missions polished off in a little more than 10 hours, I'm still donning the red and blue for web-slinging fun. The Amazing Spider-Man isn't a great game, but it can be a great time.
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Amazing Spider-Man review round-up: With great power comes a decent game?
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