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 Official Rules of the Hacking and Coding Forum

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PostSubject: Official Rules of the Hacking and Coding Forum   Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:19 am

Since more often then not something gets out of hand in here, here are my official rules to posting.

This section is for programming strictly, this includes but is not limited to VisualBasic, C++, BB Code and any other variants or languages you wish to discuss or share any cool tricks/programs you've made.

This section is NOT for MW2 "hacking" or any other games, those all belong in their own specific sections.

First Rule

Is it to do with Hacking and Coding? If you have any uncertainty, then it's probably better suited in the Computer Lounge.

Second Rule

A lot of people post something they have copied and pasted from another source/forum. This is normal for a forum and the internet, but to stop people moaning, just say "copied and pasted from another source" somewhere in the thread. Simples!

Third Rule

For software that includes things that may trigger something on the users anti-virus system, then make sure you mention this. A lot of hacking programs will trigger a users anti-virus system and they'll only come back saying "You've given me a virus!" You know this isn't the case, but they don't.

Fourth Rule

From time to time you may have posted something that has already been posted here on NGG, or you're viewing something that's already been posted. If it's a genuine mistake then just report it and the mods will do the rest. If it's a blatant attempt to get rep... Guess what? Still report it to the mods and let them deal with it.

Fifth Rule

If you are posting a thread telling someone you've just done this amazing hack and you've got into a site/PC/The FBI or whatever else you crazy cats come up with. Then let people know how you did it. If you're not willing to share that, we don't need to know what you've done, because we don't know it was you that did it.
A rule I live by is if someone's done something big, they wouldn't brag about it. I don't go stabbing people and posting it on the internet.

but not LeastLast

Remember that the purpose of this area in the forum is help others with there hacking and coding, however big, small or daft you think that may be. You're going to get those people who have no idea about hacking in here, it's just the way it is. Hacking is seen as a cool thing to do, that's probably why you got interested in it yourself right?

Above all stay safe and remember it's only fun until you make it serious.
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Official Rules of the Hacking and Coding Forum
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