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 How to fix RSOD due to Rebug Spoofer

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PostSubject: How to fix RSOD due to Rebug Spoofer   Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:20 pm

Hello all, I've decided to make this tutorial as I've known 6 people that bricked their PS3 due to the 4.11 Rebug Spoofer recently released.

USB with 800 MB free space
3.55 PS3 already

The Fast Way
Another way to fix this mentioned by a slew of people is to restore your system through recovery menu with the original 3.55 update, and then install your custom firmware again. I haven't verified this way, so do this at your own risk.

Warning: You may have a chance of a perma brick using this method

My Way

First of all, you need to download these files:
RSOD Fix.pkg

NORSOD patched PUP

Now put the .PKG file onto the root of your USB like any other package file.
Once you've done that go to the root of your USB and make this: PS3 > UPDATE
Inside of the UPDATE folder you put the UPDAT.PUP
Go to your PS3 and hold down the power button. It will do a few beeps and then turn off, once it does that hold it down again until you hear 2 beeps in a row. Once you do that you let go of the power button. You're now in Recovery Mode.

From Recovery Mode, you scroll down to the last option: Update. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY DISCS IN YOUR PS3 WHEN YOU DO THIS. Choose Update, and press select and start at the same time. It should recognize your USB with the update on it etc. Update it with that.

Once the update is finished, install the .PKG file. Then run it from the XMB.

Now, you are completely unbricked/red screened. All you have to do now is get the CFW you want to put back on it, and replace the UPDAT.PUP inside of your USB and update it through media device.

I hope this helped..

The Safe Way

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Place this Lv2diag.self in the root of an empty USB flash dongle, and use any method to toggle Factory Service Mode (FSM)

1.)Copy the .self (in the download) to the root of a USB flash drive.

2.)Rename the file to Lv2diag.self.

3.)Place the flash drive in the right most USB port.

4.)Toggle FSM.

5.)Boot PS3

6.) During FSM boot, the Lv2diag.self will execute.

If you hear a single beep and your PS3 returns to XMB it was successful (obviously)

If you will hear one or more beeps, and the playstation3 will shutdown. If you experience a failure, its likely due to your FLASH being corrupt beyond repair or a hardware problem.
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How to fix RSOD due to Rebug Spoofer
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