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 How to Do a Trophy Hack on Ps3

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PostSubject: How to Do a Trophy Hack on Ps3   Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:10 pm

-1: Power on your Playstation 3.

-2: Insert USB flash drive into a USB slot on your PS3 console.

-3: On the "Game" tab scroll up to "Save data utility" and press X.

-4: Scroll thru the list of save files, and find the game save you are attempting to hack. (hit triangle, select "Sort by: title name" to make it easier)

-5: Once you find the correct save, hit triangle, and then copy.

-6: It will prompt you for the copy destination. the first option should be your flash drive, select it)

-7: Once the file is done copying, remove your USB drive from the PS3, & insert it into your computer.

-8: This step is optional, but recomended. Make a folder on your computer named "backup", then drag your save file from the USB drive into this folder. This is so you can keep your original save if you want to go back and use that later.

-9: By now you should have already downloaded the hacked save file from the link. If not do that now.

Pay attention because this is where each method varies!! Above the link for each trophy hack it will
say something like "Replace the ______" this is the file you will be need to find for the next step in the tutorial. (Never replace PARAM files)

-10: Once you know what file will need to be replaced, go ahead and delete it from your gamesave on your USB drive.

-11: Open the hacked gamesave you downloaded, and find the file you need to replace.

-12: Drag the file FROM the downloaded save, INTO the save that is on your USB flash drive. Or if you prefer COPY & PASTE it.

-13: Once the file is on the USB drive, plug the drive back into your PS3.

-14: Once again go back to "Saved data utility" and press X

-15: Select the USB drive (should be first) and COPY the save to your PS3. If it asks to overwrite
select YES. Make sure you have read STEP 8 before doing this.

-16: Load up the game, load the save & follow the simple instuctions in the guide below.

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How to Do a Trophy Hack on Ps3
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