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 Section Rules

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PostSubject: Section Rules   Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:16 pm

Welcome to Playstation 3 Trophy Exploits, Hacks and Guides sub forum.
Here is the rules for this sub forum general forum rules still apply.

1. Using the Appropriate Forum

If your thread consists of a question or a request, use the sub-forum. All trophy discussions shall be kept in the trophy discussion sub-forum.
As for other members: so long as new members join, members will continue to post in the incorrect section, this is ok. Do not make a post like "a mod should move this" or "wrong section". Simply use the report button appropriately, and move on.

2. Appropriate [Tags]

If your save has not been tested by yourself, use the Untested: prefix. If your save requires Custom FirmWare/JailBreak or Xploder, use the CFW: prefix. If your save can be used with the basic Original FirmWare method, use the OFW: prefix.

3. Indicate Region

The Xploder and OFW method require identical region, so please indicate which region your save is from. Examples include US, UK, Germany, and Japan.

4. Multiple Threads

Posting a save comes with "dibs" to keep the forum clear. If I post a Modern Warfare 3 platinum save, all Modern Warfare 3 platinum saves posted after mine will be closed. However, if you have a save that is meant for another trophy, like all Modern Warfare 3 intel, this is permitted and you are encouraged to share, so long as you are the first. Incomplete saves (not platinum or 100%) may also be closed if a platinum or 100% save is released.

5. No Trophy .DAT's (TROPUSR.DAT)

Trophy .DAT's are useless and a waste of time for those thinking they will actually unlock trophies for them, which will stay after syncing with the server. They won't. This section is for saves and guides only.

6. Trophy Trading

NextGenGaming has the largest trophy trading community around, so please keep all trophy selling/buying/trading threads in the appropriate section, not in this section. Minimum post count of greater than or equal to 100 is required to trade.

6. No rep in exchange

No rep in exchange for release. No following of this rule will result in closure of said release. If reposted again, it is an infraction.

7. Ripping saves

Any ripping of work from other users(WITH PROOF FROM ACCUSER) will result in a warning/infraction. Any more ripping after warning will result in loss of the trophies section.

8. No PM for passwords

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Section Rules
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