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 Hack Guide: Noobie/NEW Softmod ANY Wii

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PostSubject: Hack Guide: Noobie/NEW Softmod ANY Wii   Fri Jul 06, 2012 11:44 am

Softmod/Hack ANY Wii v10 2/27/2012
New wiis, old wiis, virgin wiis or your favorite slutty wii.
Korean wiis, Japanese wiis, even those Exotic black, red and blue wiis

Softmoding can brick your wii, this is very very unlikely. Accept this fact or stop now.
Works with 4.3u/e/j/k

Compatible with hardmoded wiis and softmoded wiis. Softmoded wiis, just follow the guide, don't delete anything

NOTE: !!! Some newer Wii Remotes DO NOT work with all Homebrew Software !!!
If your Wii Remote was purchased after November 2011, there is a chance that it may not be compatible with all Homebrew Software until patches are released. ALL OLDER Wii remotes work fine!
Check the List of Working/Non-Working Wii Remotes for the latest updates. - Thanks to TheInfamousTheft for the list!

Note: App Pack v4 added on 5/27/2012 - All apps included now support the newer TR Remotes!

Never Ever Ever Update Your Wii From Nintendo

Spoiler Alert: This guide uses many spoilers. You must click on the spoiler to open it.

I am a spoiler- Click me please


Downloading Files


Cios FAQ- What this mod installs


Update any existing softmod


Update History


Chapter 1-Installing The HomeBrew Channel and Bootmii

Read the guide at least 3 times
Have 350 free blocks of nand space
Remove all GC controllers, GC memory cards, USB devices
Don't lose power
Format SD-CARD to FAT32
Use a standard SD-Card, 1-2g (SanDisk is good)

If you have any issue, try to format with this format tool
If needed, use 7-zip to extract archive files.
Part 1- Launch Hackmii Installer
As of hackmii 1.1.0, ios58 will be installed prior to hbc install for all wiis 4.2 and less.
Below you will find many methods for loading the hackmii installer. Bannerbomb is best and is supported on 3.0-4.2 wiis.
Choose the method compatible with your wii.

Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed


3.0-4.1 Bannerbomb v1


4.0-4.2- Bannerbomb v2


4.3- LetterBomb- No Game Disc Required

Hackmii loads
Go to part 2

4.3u/e/j/k Disc Exploits

4.3u/e- Indiana PWNS


Indiana PWNS Video

Smash Stack 4.3u/e/j/k


Smash Stack Video

4.3u/e/j Lego Star Wars


4.3u/e/j Bat HAXX


Eri HaKawai- Tales of Symphonia 4.3u/e


Other desperate options


Part 2- Install The HomeBrew Channel and Bootmii

Read the Scam warning and press 1
It may take a minute or two for the "press 1" to appear- be patient
Install the HomeBrew Channel
Install Bootmii as Boot2(boot2 may not be available, IOS installs automatically)

Prepare the SD-card
If Step1 fails with error "no vulnerable ios",


Part 3- Make A NAND Backup (NOT Optional, do this,)

Load HBC, press -HOME-, launch Bootmii
Make a nand backup
Press Power, Power, Power, Reset, Reset (yes we are talking about the buttons on your Wii console itself, or you can use a GameCube controller)
Power = Right, Eject = Left, Reset = Select
Once the backup is complete, exit bootmii to HBC
Backup your Bootmii files to your PC

If you want to load bootmii again at a later date, copy the bootmii folder back to sd:\

Alternative to nand backup, if you can't make one now


Congratulations, you now have the Homebrew Channel and bootmii installed. You have made your nand
backup and are ready to move on the chapter 2. If you purchased a game to run these exploits, you may now sell
it if you wish.

Chapter 2- Hacking your wii

Read this Chapter 3 times, or more.
Format the sd-card!!! (not optional)
Yes, format the sd card, we mean it, backup everything to the pc and format it. Delete everything

Download Modpack Files
Requires a standard SD card, 1-2g scandisk is best. SDHC cards will not work
Have 450 free blocks of nand space
Read the guide at least 3 times.
Remove all GC controllers, GC memory cards, USB devices.
Don't lose power- Very important
Password = [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Download the modpack for the region of your wii, or the region you wish your wii to be when your done.
Be sure to download to right one.

Be sure to download the region you want your wii to be.
Extract your ModPack to sd:\

Extract to sd:\
Overwrite files if asked

If you would like to update your Wii IOS- NOT needed for 4.3 wiis
Download IOS
Extract to sd:\
Overwrite files if asked

If you would like to update the Wii Shop Channel-
Extract to sd:\
Overwrite files if asked
More channels to be added

You should have this file structure on your sd card


Verify Checksums -very important
MAC users- you can use SuperSFV 1.2
On your PC, navigate to your sd card
Run sd:\md5summer.exe (this is run on your computer, not the wii)
Click "Verify Sums", Select "ModPack.md5"
All check sums should verify without error (very important)
Click "Verify Sums" again, Verify CIOS-PACK.md5, IOS Update.md5, and any others you have
All Checksums should verify without issue. Errors = Bad News, so try again

Part 1- Wad Installs
NOTE: If a wad fails to install, try to install that wad again. If the
wad still fails, press B to go back to the main menu, select reload ios, reload ios236, then try to
install the wad that is giving you trouble again. DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL ALL WADS INSTALL

Start HBC, press [HOME], Launch Bootmii
Multi-Mod Manager Starts (via cboot2)

Never Uninstall IOS, or SM you will brick your wii
Never Uninstall IOS, or SM you will brick your wii

Select "WAD Manager" - Press A
Press (1) to "Install all Wads" - Press A
30 wads should install without error
"Press any button to continue"

Be sure all 30 wads install, very important
Mac users may get an error of 30+ wads installing and 30+ wads failing. There are only 30 wads in
the modpack. This issue is caused by the Mac creating extra files and is not an issue.
Be sure all 30 wads install, very important
Do not proceed with error, 30 wads must install

Never Uninstall IOS, or SM you will brick your wii
Never Uninstall IOS, or SM you will brick your wii

Downgrade to/Upgrade to/Install a version patched System Menu v4.1 (Optional, but Highly Recommended!!)


If updating IOS, Select "IOS-Update" -Press A
Press (1) to "Install all Wads" - Press A
25 wads should install without error
Be sure all 25 wads install, kinda important
IOS are only used by channels and discs loaded from the disc channel. Most of them are
never needed.
"Press any button to continue"

If updating wii channels, like the shop channel, Select "Channels" -Press A
Press (1) to "Install all Wads" -Press A
All channel wads should install without error
"Press any button to continue'
Press 2 to load the MMM App Manager
You should now be in the App Manager of MMM
Launch "HomeBrew Channel Loader"
The Homebrew Channel loads

Help Multi-Mod Manager does not load-- try this alternate method


Part 2- Optional Region Change

If you are changing the region of your wii, do this now


Part 3- Install Priiloader (brick protection, you need this)
You should be in the Homebrew Channel
Launch Priiloader
Priiloader 0.7 Installer will load
Read the warning- Press +/A to install
When finished the HBC should load.
Hold reset on the wii console, keep holding reset- priiloader will load
****If the wii freezes, hold the power down for 10sec.****
****Only install priiloader once, you need to hold reset to load priiloader****
If MMM loads at boot, delete sd:\bootmii from your sd card
Select "System Menu Hacks"- Press A
Enable any hacks you like. I suggest-
"Block Disk Updates", "Block Online Updates", "Remove
Diagnostic Disc Check", "Move Disc Channel"
If you don't know what the hack does- you don't need it.
Select Save settings -Press A
Press B to go back to the main priiloader screen
Your wii should now block Disk updates and online updates, you can move the disc channel and if you like autoboot a usbloader.
NEVER UPDATE YOUR WII FROM NINTENDO- read the forum and do it yourself
Optional priiloader settings-
You can set you wii to boot the system menu, HomeBrew Channel, Priiloader, USBloader, and any other app you wish. Settings are found in priiloader, settings. Set the "autoboot" and "return to" to what you like best.
Example: Set the autoboot and return to installed file, now your wii will autoboot to your USBloader - Excellent option for those with kids.

Chapter 3- The Final Step

Don't forget to do this
Format your sd-card, one last time
Extract directly to your sd card.

Boot your wii to the system menu. You will see the following channels installed:

USB Loader GX - This is a forwarder to Usb Loader GX v3.0 which is now on your SD card. Source HERE.
CFG Loader - This is a forwarder to Configurable USB Loader MOD r35 which is now on your SD card. Source HERE.
WiiFlow - This is a forwarder to WiiFlow MOD r348, a usb loader, which is now on your SD card. Source HERE.
Neogamma - This is a forwarder to Neogamma R9 Beta 56. It is primarily used to load backups from disc, however it also supports loading from SD/USB. Source HERE, WiiHacks Guide HERE.
Backup HBC- You will see a channel with black water, labeled backup HBC. When you load it, HBC 1.03 is loaded. This is installed as a backup means to run homebrew should you ever need it. You should not use it, unless you need to. Don't uninstall this wad, title "MAUI". Keep it on your wii or save it onto your sd card. You can move it to the far far right of the channel menu or back it up to your pc. You never know, someday you may need it.

We have provided you with multiple apps to load your games. The staff here at WiiHacks all have our own preferred loaders. It is our goal to give you all of these in the hopes that you will find the one (or two or three etc) that you like best.

If you like you can move channels by holding B, then pressing A and dragging them where you wish. You can do this with the disc channel if you enabled the priiloader hack.

Now you have some useful apps on your sd-card, you are ready to play. Have fun! There are many many many more apps for you to try. All apps in this guide install to the sd-card, or optionally you can install them to your fat32 usb drive.

Apps should be installed like this: sd OR usb:\apps\app name\boot.dol ,otherwise they don't work.

Loading From Disc-
If you have a Wii purchased after mid to late 2009 it will not be able to read backup discs. Backup discs must be loaded from a disc loader, such as Neogamma. They will not work from the disc channel unless you have installed


GC backups can be loaded from the disc channel without issue if your drive reads burned dvds. Be sure to burn your dvds good and propper. Burn them with ImgBurn, slowly 1-4x, set the "Layer Break" to

2084960 for dual layer games, on verbatim dvd -r. Other discs may work, but these are considered the best.

Warning: It is illegal to obtain/distribute backups of games you do not own. NMG does not support or promote software piracy. Play fair.
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Hack Guide: Noobie/NEW Softmod ANY Wii
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