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 Molyneux's first post-Microsoft game dated and detailed

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PostSubject: Molyneux's first post-Microsoft game dated and detailed   Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:09 pm

Peter Molyneux, the Xbox development executive that broke from Microsoft to head up the indie studio 22 Cans, has revealed the launch date and details for his next project.

The Experimental game 'Curiosity' is due for simultaneous release across iOS, Android and PC on August 22, according to a Eurogamer report.

Molyneux, who in his heralded games development career has established studios such as Bullfrog and Lionhead, revealed his new micro-project at Rezzed - a new PC-focused games event in Brighton.

It is said that Curiosity plays by allowing users to chip away at a vast black cube formed of 60 million different cubes in order to uncover the mystery at its core. In his own brand of light-hearted hyperbole, Molyneux claims the mystery at the centre of the cube "is so valuable and so life-changingly important".

"It's so amazing I think it will appear on news reports," Molyneux said elsewhere in the presentation, "though it's not a dead cat, by the way."

The online-focused game can support up to a million players chipping away at the block at the same time, though only one person will be able to unlock the mystery at its core.
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Molyneux's first post-Microsoft game dated and detailed
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